3 Steps to Kick Your Inner Turmoil and Start Finding Alignment Today!

Have you ever set a goal and put in the work to make it happen, only to finish feeling unfulfilled and frustrated? Follow these important first steps to make sure your actions and efforts are aligned with your values!

Take Inventory

It’s far too easy to say yes and rush ahead towards that exciting goal without taking the time to check in with ourselves. 

If we don’t check in on a deeper level regularly, we just mind find ourselves checking off the boxes and wondering why we feel so empty when we achieve what we set off to do.

Many of us set aside time in the beginning of the year to set goals we’d like to accomplish. Fewer of us however check in on those goals monthly or even quarterly to get a feel for how they relate to the rest of our lives.

As you have probably experienced, big life transitions can de-prioritize what you once thought was most important. COVID-19 for example has forced many of us to scramble and pivot our businesses to keep them afloat....

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