Ask These 3 Questions to Simplify your Life & Biz

alignment intentional life simplify Jun 09, 2022

When's the last time you sat down and took inventory of all the roles and responsibilities on your plate?

We mean really just looked at what you're doing and asked,

"Why am I doing this?"
"Is this necessary?"
"Do I like doing this?"

If you're looking to live an intentional life, this is a powerful practice to do on a regular basis.

Otherwise you can find yourself just going through the motions, or feeling overloaded with unnecessary commitments.

We recently sat down and had a heart to heart talk about our business, our lives and all the rest.

What we came to was this...

Our main focus is to simplify and focus on what brings us expansion.

With everything going on in our personal lives we want Women Who Warrior to be a "get to do" not a "have to do".

So for us this looks like:

  • Reducing the frequency of our emails
  • Streamlining our new client process through our website
  • Simplifying our social media
  • Splitting up our events so we can focus on the style that's more sustainable for each of us (online vs. in-person)

The reason we bring this up is because we hope it inspires you to reflect and move forward in your life and business with intention, perhaps even simplify your responsibilities.

What does it look like to simplify your life?

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