2 Simple Actions to Increase Your Confidence

alignment balance clarity confidence entrepreneur stand in your power strengths Oct 12, 2022

Want to make bold moves but lack the confidence?

We've got good news...

No matter how much confidence you were born with, it can be learned and strengthened.

In fact, because confidence is a mindset and behavioral pattern, once you do the work, you can use your tools to tap into this secret superpower when you need it most.

We wanted to share with you two of the powerful practices we use in our 1-on-1 coaching, and our clients are using to build their confidence.


1. Identify your unique gifts or strengths.

Which areas of your life have you felt the most confident in?

Think about what people compliment you on, awards or recognitions you’ve received, and things you enjoy so much that you lose track of time doing them.

Take a minute to write down all the things you are good at and how you bring value to others. This can include anything from work to family to personal.

Some examples could sound like: color coding my calendar and managing my schedule, copy writing, public speaking, networking, being reliable, following through on my word, making others feel seen and heard, gift giving, painting, planning fun trips with friends...

You get the idea.

Your inner critic can often be harsher than anyone around you, so reminding yourself about the areas you excel in can help you shift your perspective on the unique value you bring.

2. Identify any limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back.

For example, maybe a part of you thinks you’re "not smart enough" to step into a higher position at your company or start your own business. So you’re afraid that if you went for it you would make a fool of yourself and people would discover how much you actually don’t know, and that would be embarrassing.

Then, take the most charged belief into inquiry.

Let's use the example of, "I'm not smart enough"

  • What does "smart enough" even look like?
  • What would I like to know that I don't now?
  • Is that something I could research and find out? (Newsflash - you can pretty much Google search or Youtube anything these days!)
  • Have there been other examples of times in my life when I didn't know something but I figured it out?
  • Flip your "belief" to the opposite.
  • "I AM smart enough"
  • Give 3-5 examples of how the opposite is true.

We've both built our business from scratch.

When we didn't know how to do something we researched it or hired someone to help us. 

We have the resourcefulness and drive to stay focused and figure it out.

Finally, ask yourself, what is a clear and aligned action you can take towards what you want?

For example, you can block out 30 minutes on Monday at 2pm to explore my ideas around what my career growth would look like and what I feel like I need to know.

Learning how to pause, inquire and shift your narrative is a powerful practice. If we let our inner critics take the wheel we wouldn't have been able to create such an incredible vision of Women Who Warrior.

If you're interested in having someone by your side to help you work on your confidence, inner strength and creating a balanced life, you can apply for our free coaching application call HERE. 

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