The Power of Seeing a Vision

clarity vision Jan 15, 2021

You’ll never believe what I manifested…

Here's a reminder of what can happen when you have a crystal clear vision! 

Randee here.

As you may or may not know, my husband and I own a wellness business called Age Management Institute, an integrative health and wellness practice. 

During the pandemic we began to grow rapidly and I knew that we were going to outgrow our space. 

As is my nature, I jumped straight to finding ways to solve the problem. I reached out to a long-time friend Justin in the commercial real estate industry and asked him what the first steps would be to finding us a new space. 

His first questions were, “What do you like about your space now?” and, “What would you like to have in the new space?” (notice he only mentioned the positives) 

What first came to mind was all the things I didn’t want, which I proceeded to tell him. He laughed and said, “Great, now that I know what you don’t want...

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