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clarity confidence connection entrepreneur networking stand in your power Sep 29, 2022

Today we wanted to share a strategy for priming your confidence. And that has to do with how you introduce yourself!

Because what's one of the first questions you get asked when meeting someone new?

“What do you do?”

While this is a seemingly innocent question, and is one of the most commonly asked upon initial introductions, your answer can either make or break your first impression with a new acquaintance.

Because energy speaks volumes and even if you are the most talented in your field, if you seem uncertain about how to talk about yourself, it shows big time. So whether you are trying to make new friends, or meet potential clients, nailing your introduction can help!

Here's a few ways to build confidence in your introduction...

1. Request a Stage Introduction

Reach out to a few people in your life to ask how they would present you if they were introducing you on stage.

How would they introduce you? What type of accomplishments, unique characteristics or interesting facts would they include?

2. Craft Your Intro

Using feedback from the last exercise, craft a unique introduction that highlights your specialty, and how you provide a solution to your audience's problem. Make sure to include why you are different from others in your niche and what makes you stand out.

3. End with Engagement

Finish your intro with a call to action or a question to keep the conversation engaging.

Keep in mind that you may adjust your introduction depending on your audience i.e. you may be more casual at a mixer vs. meeting a potential employer. It also helps to practice saying your introduction out loud to build your confidence.

We had a stay at home mom from our program create a hilarious and engaging introduction about being a Plant-whisperer (she worded it better but you best believe it got everyone's attention and had them wanting to know more!)

How do you introduce yourself? We'd love to hear it! Share it on social media and tag our @women_who_warrior account. 

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