The Power of Seeing a Vision

clarity vision Jan 15, 2021

You’ll never believe what I manifested…

Here's a reminder of what can happen when you have a crystal clear vision! 

Randee here.

As you may or may not know, my husband and I own a wellness business called Age Management Institute, an integrative health and wellness practice. 

During the pandemic we began to grow rapidly and I knew that we were going to outgrow our space. 

As is my nature, I jumped straight to finding ways to solve the problem. I reached out to a long-time friend Justin in the commercial real estate industry and asked him what the first steps would be to finding us a new space. 

His first questions were, “What do you like about your space now?” and, “What would you like to have in the new space?” (notice he only mentioned the positives) 

What first came to mind was all the things I didn’t want, which I proceeded to tell him. He laughed and said, “Great, now that I know what you don’t want, can you tell me more about what you do want?

I laughed (a little embarrassed), realizing that I hadn’t answered his question. 

Then I took a deep breath and began to dream (thinking to myself, he better get ready for this!). “Okay,” I said, “you want to know what my dream is for the new office space? Well this is my dream..” And I went about listing all the things I envisioned in a dream location including all the bells and whistles. 

I listed every minute detail down to the color. From the square footage of the space, to the parking lot, location in town. 

Once I finished my long dream list he said “Great, now I think I have something to work with. When do you want to have this new space?” 

I replied with, “Well if we’re still dreaming, I’d love to be in there the first of the year!” (This took place mid-November by the way). 

He laughed and replied, “That’s quite the goal! To be more realistic I think we should aim for the first quarter of the new year.”

I chuckled and said “Ok let me know what’s next.” 

Later that week he sent me a bunch of new spaces to look through and I critiqued each one with what I did or didn’t like to give him better clarity on the vision I had in my mind.

After looking at several different spaces and narrowing down the pros and cons of each, he sent me an email with the subject, “I think you’re gonna like this” 

Upon opening that email my jaw dropped. It was the exact space I had envisioned. As I browsed through each office space I got more and more excited because in my mind I was thinking… oh my gosh, this is it! I held off with my excitement because in the back of my head I worried maybe it was too good to be true, but part of me also screamed, YES this is it! 

When we did the walk-through and spoke to the other leasing agent, Justin asked “What’s the earliest day this could be move-in ready?” The leasing agent responded “I can give you the keys by December 15th!” Justin looked at me and shook his head with a laugh before saying, “I can’t believe that not only did you get your dream space, you got it 15 days earlier than you originally wanted it.” 


I can’t tell you how incredibly rewarding it was to know that the universe totally had my back in this decision. As we transitioned into the inevitable hiccups of the lease and fears of unknown I had this confident sense that it was all going to work out because I asked for this exact space. So why would I get it if it wasn’t meant to be? 

This experience served as such a blissful reminder that when you ask for what you want and believe it to be true, the universe can amaze you… AND it can happen for you too! 

I literally manifested that exact space and was reminded that the universe really does have my back.

It was as if the Universe whispered to me, “You are right on track, keep dreaming.”

So my encouragement to you in 2021 is to dream big and kick that negative talk out of the way. (It happens to all of us!) 

As you start to dream, put together the dream list and envision yourself there in the new space or whatever your heart desires. There’s where you start. The next step is to get clear, so crystal clear, and really envision what you want. And then…. just ask. 

It will unfold for you if you do the soul-searching and heart searching to find out what you want and it will be ready there for you when you’re ready to receive it. 

I forgot how rewarding it feels when your vision becomes a reality. 

And I forgot how powerful it is to get crystal clear on what you want and then create a vision so you can make that your reality. 

Some of you may know what you want and you may need this gentle nudge of encouragement that your dreams can come true. For others, maybe you don’t even know what to dream! Maybe there are too many unknowns, fears or factors that stand in the way. I get it! We just survived 2020! That was a big accomplishment in itself (cheers to that)!

There are many different ways to set goals for the year ahead but I think one of the most important parts that people miss is that you need to set the tone for your year by having a clear vision. A vision that lights you up with excitement, and one that also might make you nervous. 

Vision comes first before the goals or the task lists. Here’s why. 

  • Your vision will be a driving force to carry you forward
  • Your vision will help you stay in flow
  • Your vision will make the speed bumps easier to get through
  • Fear doesn’t show up when hope and dreams show up louder

China and I are here to help guide you through the confusion and help you gain clarity on what you want in your future in the next 2 months, 2 years or 2 decades!

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