Want to Save Time NOT Doing Email?

busy email entrepreneur focus overwhelm productivity time management work from home Oct 26, 2022

Which of these is most like you when it comes to your Inbox?

A) Inbox zero
B) 50 or less
C) I have so many I can't even count

If you picked A... you get a gold star and get to join the elite few like Randee and China's husband who can keep this up (is it a scorpio thing?) ⭐

If you picked B or C... congratulations, you're normal 🤣

AND we've got some helpful hacks you can use to save hours of wasted time in your email.

Because TIME is our most finite resource, so you might as well be spending it on what's really important to you. Right?

Here's 7 Tips to Take Control of Your Inbox

1️⃣ Unsubscribe to everything that’s not necessary.

2️⃣ Only keep emails that require immediate action in your inbox. That way when you open your inbox you don't get distracted by non-urgent or important things.

3️⃣ Create email folders for important projects, people and research & file all completed emails to get them out of your inbox.

4️⃣ Use the “touch it once” philosophy, i.e. if you open it, respond to it or trash it!

5️⃣ Set up templates for emails you find yourself sending repeatedly.

6️⃣ Create time blocks for checking email, and stick to them! Limit your email checking to no more than 2-3x a day if possible.

7️⃣ Turn off all email notifications unless absolutely necessary.

Do you practice any of these already? We would love to hear if you have any more ideas. You can share them with us via our email [email protected]

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