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We organize both in-person and online events. 

In Person Events

Curated in person experiences to foster connection and personal growth for women in our community.

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Online Events

Online educational workshops to support personal and professional development for women.

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Kickboxing & Koffee

Pillar 2: Health & Vibrance

Feb 27th: 9-11am PST

Full body kickboxing workout infused with music, high energy, and with a welcoming vibe for all levels.

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Warrior Self-Defense Training

Pillar 4: Courage & Confidence

Apr 24th: 10-12:30pm PST

A workshop on how to be assertive, confident and safe. Learn how to use your inner strength to defend yourself and... you'll even get to break a board!

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Strategic Goal Setting

Pillar 3: Business & Productivity

Mar 27th: 9-11am PST

Get crystal clear on what you want and learn this bullet proof method to break it down into bite-size actions you’ll actually follow through on.

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Happiness Hacks

Pillar 2: Health & Vibrance

May 13th: 10:30-11:30am PST

The secret to boosting your performance & success. Learn how to create your own happiness so you’re not reliant on external factors.

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Calling In Ca$h Money

Pillar 6: Abundance & Ambition

June 29th: 10:30-11:30am PST

Join us as we discuss the blocks many of us have with money and how to embrace an abundant life unapologetically and with open arms.

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