Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready, And Other Lessons We Learned from Launching Our First Group Coaching Program

group coaching program lessons learned perfectionism power of community May 02, 2021

April marked the wrap of our first 12-wk Release The Warrior Within Program (a dream that's been in the works for quite some time), and man does it feel good!

There were a million reasons we almost put it off again, between Randee juggling the rapid growth of her and her husband's business, me raising my (almost 1yr old!) baby boy, and the craziness of 2020 in general.

We hadn't created all the content yet and we weren't sure who would even be interested in our program. But we knew we had to get our message out there and share our gift. And we felt confident that we could elevate the lives of anyone who joined our program.

Randee and I agreed that even if just one person experienced a positive shift in their life it would be worth it. Plus by finally launching this dream it would light the fire under our rears to finish it!

We were blessed to support an intimate group of over a dozen women to go deep and get clarity around who they are, what they want and how to get it. ⁠




Here's 3 Big Lessons we learned from launching our first group coaching program:


1️⃣ Start before you're "ready"

It's so easy to look outwards and get caught up in the belief that you need to have a certain amount of experience or knowledge before you'll be "ready". Or that you need a detailed map of the exact steps to take in order to move forward.

But the truth is that there is so much to be learned from experience, and often just going for it is the exact process you need to develop the knowledge or expertise in that area.

Additionally, the beauty of life is that it is always changing. If we get too caught up in creating a detailed plan of exactly how things will go, we will likely have to waste a lot of energy revising it later on. Plus we'll miss out on seeing opportunities along the way.


2️⃣ Done is better than perfect

Full disclosure, I am still working to overcome my perfectionism tendencies. Launching this program has been one of the healthiest ways for me to work through my pre-existing beliefs that I couldn't put anything out there unless it was perfect.

Having a strict deadline and knowing that others were counting on me to complete content was a powerful motivator. Plus having a baby means my windows to get things done are much shorter.


3️⃣ Nothing compares to the power of community

In today's world you can Google the answers just about anything. We can know what we "should" do, and possibly even have intentions to do it. However being part of a collective group of other growth minded individuals going through the same thing can be a powerful motivator to take action.

Having the safe space to share our experiences and ask for support amplifies not only our understanding and application of new concepts but gives us fresh perspectives to troubleshoot and overcome obstacles. And it's much more fun! 😉 


💛 If you’re stuck in frustration and overwhelm, we’d love to offer you a free Clarity Call to help you dial in what you really want and a clear action to start with. 

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