"Before I started the program, I remember feeling very scattered, and just all over the place. I would get overwhelmed easily, and I'd have all these ideas but didn't have a system in place to make sense of them or prioritize them. I would work on something for a little bit and then work on something else, but tasks were never really getting completed as quickly as I wanted to.

Since the program ended and I was able to work with you to create smart goals, I have really great systems in place now that act like a compass and help me start every day with a clear intention of the most important thing and move forward on those action items versus getting caught up in my to-do list or just doing things to do them. I began focusing on the things that are the most important and that was a huge shift in my life."

Anna, Business Owner

"I am so grateful for this program and the community of women I was able to connect with. Our weekly calls were one of my favorite parts about the program. There is something special about women coming together and celebrating each other. When I started the “Women Who Warrior” program I was feeling like I was in a rut. I’m a stay at home mom and while I love it more than anything I was also eager to find myself as an individual. I wanted to boost my confidence and potentially start a business. 

Working on the vision and clarity pillar was a game changer; while exploring my strengths I was able to discover a new career path that aligns with my values, allows me to be present with my family and makes me excited for the future. I cannot wait to work towards my new goal and apply all the tools I learned on the program to my everyday life."

Paloma Lopez

"It is hard to put into words how grateful I am that I took this program. I am a stay at home mom of two, business owner and wife! I was unsure if I could really take the time for “ME” to do the work. I was also nervous to be vulnerable to myself. I am SO thankful I did it. I had so many breakthroughs in the 12 weeks and was able to connect with some incredible women. I don’t feel alone anymore in my journeys and would recommend this program to anyone! "

Linzee Kerr

"Joining the program was a magical and empowering experience. It was wonderful to be among some amazing women, all growing through life and supporting each other’s wins and challenges. The program really helped me get clear on my goals, helped me get unstuck, and really helped pave a way forward in my self love and growth journey. China and Randee’s passion and coaching support through the program was super helpful to have the 1-1 touch. Highly recommended for any lady in any phase of life, as the highest form of self care."

Karin Kojima

"Throughout the program, I began getting realigned with my vision for life and business. I found that getting clarity on my vision was so crucial in the work that we were doing throughout the courses. I had a huge vision shift, which allowed me to set and create healthy boundaries. 

This program has been so fun, because I'm discovering all this stuff about myself and about what I want, that I've actually been able to confidently put it into motion as we went through the course. Big things are going to be happening and I feel like I'm going through a major life rebrand. I feel like I've gained a whole new structure, and a whole new idea of where I want to go."

Kara Pearson

"Prior to the Release the Warrior Within course, I had patience but I wasn't really good with making time for me. My patience varied and I didn't always have good patience with myself. But most importantly I was not good about setting aside time for myself. I wanted to find a course and get support to really dedicate time to myself, and make sure that I made that dedicated time daily. 

Some of the positive changes since I joined the course is that I have been able to carve out dedicated time for myself.  I am doing daily workouts, I'm meditating daily twice a day (once in the morning once in the evening). My patience is growing for myself, I am also able to be more patient with others. I have a different kind of calmness about me. Things don't aggravate me as easily as they used to, because I'm taking time for myself, for my workouts, and for my meditation.

I think my biggest transformation is my patience as well as my clarity. 

I have a really high impact job and at the end of the day, I used to just feel exhausted. Now I have a different type of clarity. I still need to decompress my day but I can go about it a lot differently, much smoother when I'm more patient with myself, what I can get done in a day I can get done.

I would say this course is for anyone! This course is really for anyone that is willing and wanting to make a better change for their life, to help you grow to help you invest in yourself."

Lynn Wright

"I am so grateful for Women Who Warrior and I feel very lucky to be a part of the tribe! 

The biggest takeaway for me was around clarity and vision. Goal setting + setting boundaries has been a life changer. As well as being able to manage my time better during the pandemic while navigating working from home and homeschooling my twins. 

Before the program I was struggling to balance my time. The tools I learned from the Women Who Warrior program have helped me grow in many different ways. I was able to use the Release the Warrior Within Program to get clear on my goals for my non-profit Media Production Company. Now I am more confident reaching out to connect and work with other organizations who have a similar mission. I have also been able to successfully secure sponsorship opportunities with companies I used to only dream of working with! I recommend the Release the Warrior Within program to anyone who is looking to level up in their life, relationships or career."

Jordan Lerum


"Before I took the RWW Coaching Program, I had accepted my life to be as-is, kind of in a holding pattern, and feeling like if nothing changes then things are well.  But the program challenged me to think creatively and take a deeper look into who I am as a mom, wife, FT employee, and entrepreneur.  The program has also caused me to put more thought into what I want for the rest of my life, even at my age and stage in life.  What will my retirement look like?  What will I do with my time?  What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind?  I now have a spring in my step, confident I can make changes even at my age that will influence my future, in all areas of my life, personally and professionally."

Sheila Josephson (age 59)  😊

"I am a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. I also work full time. I joined the women who warrior program because I wanted to improve my vibrance and wellness practices and get clear on my vision for my life. When I became a mother a lot of this went out the window. I lost touch with what I valued or what that meant, and I didn’t make time for myself. I used to have a great workout/morning schedule, but struggled to get back into a good routine with a full time job and family of 4. 

Honestly, joining this program has changed my life. China and Randee are truly passionate about helping women get crystal clear on what they want and giving them strategies and encouragement to keep them on track. Their coaching really helped me narrow my focus and accelerated my progress. Plus being part of a community of other women going through similar challenges was supportive and inspiring.

I accomplished so many things in such a short time and finished the program feeling accomplished and excited about what’s next. One of my main goals was to figure out my ideal morning ritual and set up the practices to make it a habit. The consistency I created around working out and a mindful morning practice helped me show up more present and calm with my kids. It also motivated me to dial in my habits and practices around food which helped me make progress on my weight loss goals without feeling like I was really trying. I now have such a powerful morning routine that if I miss it my whole day is off. 

I highly recommend this program to the moms out there who just need some support getting back on track."

Jessica Hyman

"I am a very logical person who likes to think and overthink all aspects of my life. Naturally, I was pretty hesitant to attend a women's self-development retreat. I respect and trust Randee and China and took a chance on the 2019 retreat with the expectation that it wouldn't be for me. And if I'm being honest, there were a few parts that were a little too woo-woo for me. :) But two years later, there are moments and concepts from that weekend that come up for me almost daily. 

The program that WWW has developed is accessible and life-changing. I went from a skeptical outsider to joining the retreat production team! I hope to help more people like me learn more about themselves and maybe dip their toe into the world of self-development and understanding with a badass group of women."

Emily Surface