Get Clarity, Action Steps & Accountability in 12 Weeks

The Only Step-by-Step Coaching Specifically For Women To Go From Feeling Frustrated and Out of Alignment to start living a confident, Vibrant, and Intentional Life"


7 Steps to Release the Warrior Within

Get Clarity, Action Steps & Accountability in 12 Weeks


In our 12 Week Program we help women who want to be more intentional so they can defend against playing small, while building up their businesses, relationships and communities. We start by helping you create a personalized blueprint for living an aligned life, along with a roadmap for how to get there. Next our holistic approach provides you with resources and tools, as well as weekly check-ins to ensure you’re making progress towards living a balanced and fulfilling life. 

The combination of small group meetings with 1-on-1 coaching provides you with a variety of perspectives, a network of like-minded ambitious women and the support to help overcome hurdles you may face on your journey to fulfillment.



When you are practicing a warrior woman lifestyle, you have a regular vibrance routine that keeps your energy and performance levels high. You know your ideal blueprint for living a life of alignment and have a clear system for focused daily action. Last but definitely not least, you are part of a caring, collaborative community that supports you along your journey, with coaches who keep you accountable.

Through this program and the community of other women going through it, you will increase your productivity, improve your connection, and feel confident making decisions and actions that are aligned with your values.


In 2019 Randee & I came together to actualize a passion project and create the Women Who Warrior Retreat. From this retreat we realized how many women struggle with similar obstacles and how powerful it is to have the accountability and support of a like-minded tribe. We had so many ladies who experienced breakthroughs at the retreat and were ready to take action, and we felt we owed it to them (and our younger selves) to create what we wished would have existed.

Because the thing is, Randee & I have gone through a lot of these problems at different points in our lives. And we learned the hard way how important it is to make sure to have clarity and alignment with your goals before charging ahead. Otherwise you end up chasing what you think is your end goal, wondering why you don’t feel satisfied, and missing out on opportunities along the way (we’ve both been there!).

We each had about a decade of experience coaching clients in the fitness and wellness space, managing our own teams and businesses, and investing in personal and business development programs. We've hired some of the best high performance and business coaches over the years, and we've accumulated all our knowledge and best practices together to create a powerful Warrior Program.



Mapping out a clear vision of what your ideal life looks like and how to get there, while knowing you’re completely aligned with your values will lift that feeling of frustration that could be weighing you down. Creating and embodying a healthy vitality routine, will give you the energy, mental clarity and drive to feel proud and accomplished at the end of each day. Knowing that your fears and anxieties are shared by many other women and that you will have tools, support and accountability to break through them will make you feel connected and grateful that you don’t have to go through it alone.

Completing this program will give you the warrior weapons and strategies to protect your way of life, nurture your beliefs and relationships and step confidently into the warrior woman you’ve always had within. 




  • Access to Online Portal 
  • 3x 1-on-1 Milestone Coaching Calls to keep you accountable
  • 12x weekly group calls with China, Randee & your warrior tribe
  • Bite-size weekly actions to ensure learning and progress 
  • Printable Handouts for each module 
  • Networking opportunities with other ambitious and aligned women
  • Membership to our private Facebook Coaching Group



  • Access to Online Portal 
  • 3x 1-on-1 Milestone Coaching Calls to keep you accountable
  • 12x weekly group calls with China, Randee & your warrior tribe
  • Bite-size weekly actions to ensure learning and progress 
  • Printable Handouts for each module 
  • Networking opportunities with other ambitious and aligned women
  • Membership to our private Facebook Coaching Group


($848 value)

  • Extra Coaching Call - 1wk after program ends ($120 value)
  • Access to our Referral Program ($599 value)
  • Done-for-you: printed & organized binder ($129 value)


You'll Love It...Guaranteed!

You'll love your Women Who Warrior experience, and find it hands-down the easiest, step-by-step coaching program to Confidently Live a More Vibrant, Aligned and Intentional Life!

Try it out for 15 days risk-free.  If within that time it's not quite right for you, just email us ([email protected].com) personally to ask for a full and prompt return of your investment. 

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